Eastern European Mission

The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It.

Eastern European Mission

Who is EEM and what do we do?  Since 1961, we’ve been delivering the same message: The Bible. We Want Everyone to Get it.


On Pentecost, the day the Church started, God’s intention became evident. God’s Spirit saw to it that everyone there could hear the first Gospel message in their own language. Today, Eastern European Mission continues the task of giving people God’s Word in their own languages. For most, it is their first time to hear the Gospel. Since 1961, EEM has been providing Bibles and Biblical literature in the languages of the nations of Eastern Europe. For many years, until God brought communism down, EEM had to find ways to smuggle Bibles through the Iron Curtain. Today, EEM supplies Bibles and Biblical literature in 20 languages, free of charge, to the people in the nations of the former communist bloc. Whether it is to one person who asks for a Bible or all of the public schools in an entire state, EEM provides God’s Word to people who want it.

Opportunities to provide God’s Word to people have continued to multiply since the fall of communism. Public schools, entire states at a time, in both Russia and Ukraine have requested the Bible for their students. Former communist youth camps have asked for the Bible and its teaching nationwide in Ukraine. Public libraries, orphanages and individuals continually ask for God’s Word. Many teachers see the teachings of the Bible as the basis for raising the next generation.


God designed His manifold wisdom to be made known to the world through the church, as we read in Ephesians 3:10. Ephesians 1:4 shows us that it was His blueprint from the beginning. All across Eastern Europe, New Testament churches are being planted. EEM has assisted the growth of the church in the former communist nations by supplying Bibles and Biblical literature to individuals, families, church members, churches, missionaries and campaign groups. Additionally, EEM also provides them with other support services. In Ukraine, EEM is heavily involved in a comprehensive approach to share the Gospel, which has resulted in over 100 New Testament congregations being started in just the last few years.

What could be better than putting Bibles in public schools, entire states at a time? Training teachers in those schools how to understand the Bible and how to use it in their classrooms, of course. EEM has been allowed to hold seminars to train teachers in some of the states where we have put Bibles in public schools. The benefit of these training seminars is immediate comprehension of key concepts, morals and spiritual values. These principles can then be taught in the classrooms of those schools.

Before the fall of the Iron Curtain, generations of young people were indoctrinated with the communist ideology. This was done partly through the pioneer youth camps. Millions of children each year still go to these summer camps but of course, communism is no longer taught. In fact, the leadership of the Ukrainian national youth camp organization has asked Eastern European Mission to bring teams of Christians into all of their 800 youth camps. They have also asked us to bring and teach the Bible. In response, EEM has developed a program to form teams to go into the youth camps in Ukraine and to take and teach the Bible to the children and staff. EEM works with officials in Ukraine to select which camps to attend and then provides training and translators for the teams that will go to those camps, as well as other needed services. The same camps that taught communism now want the Bible.

In Ukraine alone there are over 100,000 orphans. This is mainly because of the moral void created by communism. Most of the children are abandoned by parents who may be drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes or in prison. Many children are just left at train stations and on the streets to fend for themselves day after day and night after night. Eastern European Mission works closely with partners and people throughout Eastern Europe to help care for these orphans.

Even as EEM provides material things, God’s Spirit is at work. Hope is restored. New life is possible. And people are being set free. And so our message remains…