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Help send 300,000 bibles to Croatia!  


Join Patriot Mobile in Sending 300,000 Bibles to Croatia

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Let’s send 300,000 bibles to Croatia!

Help EEM answer this request and deliver hundreds of thousands of Bibles to young children eager to read God’s Word! Every $5 sends 2 Bibles to public-school students in Croatia.

$5 =
2 Bibles

The cost of a cup of coffee would provide 2 Bibles for Croatian students!

$25 =
10 Bibles

The cost of a pair of movie tickets would provide 10 Bibles for Croatian students!

$125 =
50 Bibles

The cost of a round of golf with 4 friends would provide 50 Bibles for Croatian students!

#BiblesForKids is a project of


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We’ve got…

Project Status

417,746 Bibles 

— 0 — 40,000 — 80,000 — 120,000 — 160,000 — 200,000 — 240,000 — 280,000 — 320,000 — 360,000 — 400,000 — 440,000 — 480,000 — 520,000

We have an urgent and exciting request from 21 nations to provide 520,000 Children’s Bibles for public-school students and refugee children. [Through the Bibles For Kids matching fund] Every $5 will send 4 Bibles!

Croatia Bibles for Kids – Patriot Mobile

300,000 Bibles laid end-to-end would stretch across more than


football fields!

The global challenge is on.

Together, we can do this! The Bibles For Kids challenge hopes to unite people from all over the world with one common purpose: to deliver the Bible to children in their own language! Did you know that EEM provides the Bible for free to over 30 different nations, in over 20 different languages?

Use the hashtag #BiblesForKids and tell all your friends about this amazing opportunity so they can be a part of this too!

“But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 19:14, NKJV).

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Croatia Bibles for Kids – Patriot Mobile
Croatia city hillside
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300,000 Bibles would… 

weigh as much as 11 elephants!

We’ve got…

298,000 more bibles to go.

Let’s do our part and answer the call! Give the gift of the Bible today!