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    Eastern European Mission is a non-political, non-profit organization. We do not exist to promote a political agenda of any nature. Our funds are solicited within the United States; as such we do not actively solicit funds in the countries we serve. We are an international and humanitarian organization serving a variety of nations. As a result we respect the sensitivities and concerns of all cultures. Our goal is to share the Bible with any who wish to read it and to promote character consistent with Judeo-Christian ethics. Our goal is not to present American or Western culture as somehow superior or the ideal. We promote a spirit of graciousness, kindness, and sensitivity to all individuals, communities, and cultures we come in contact with. Are you willing to abide by the spirit and mission/intent and policies of Eastern European Mission? YesNo

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    The general per-person cost of the trip is approximately $3,000-$4,000. If selected what portion of the trip would you have the ability to self-fund or raise?

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