Dear EEM Partner, 

These are extraordinary times. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and concern for your health, we are suspending our Spring Events. 

Our Spring Events are VITAL for our budget. We need your URGENT GIFT TODAY. 

Your gift today will bring peace, trust, and faith to hundreds of thousands of mothers, fathers, and children who are looking for an unchanging God in response to the chaos the evil one is attempting to bring into our world during this global pandemic.

There is an unprecedented number of people reaching out to God. Your gift today will perfectly meet the need for God’s Word. 

Remember, just $5 provides a Bible. 

Your gift will help EEM be ready for the surge of Bible requests from those seeking hope only Jesus Christ can offer! 

Last year the Spring Benefit Events raised $823,934 for 164,787 Bibles. Our goal for this Spring is to raise $906,327 for 181,265 Bibles. In light of the amazing opportunities immediately before us, will you prayerfully consider giving today?  

We aim to reschedule each of these events after this health concern has passed. We will be continually communicating about the remainder of our Event Schedule.

We know our God is not limited by a spreading virus, nor an event to fund His work. We are confident that God will provide.

Thank you for prayerfully considering a one-time and/or monthly gift. Our European Team stands ready to deliver these Bibles. Your sacrificial gift will help make the difference right now!

Dirk Smith

Come and witness the revealing of God’s faithful and surprising promises in Eastern Europe & beyond.

Let’s open our eyes to see the fields!

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