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  • The work that became known as Eastern European Mission (EEM) began in 1961. Six couples headed to Vienna, Austria on student visas—but they did not attend class. They instead worked on ways to smuggle the Bible through the “Iron Curtain” and into the former Communist Bloc countries. When “The Wall” fell in 1989, EEM was able to put their smuggling days behind them, and today, delivers Bibles by the truckloads, package or by hand, free to all. You can learn more about EEM’s amazing journey here.

  • In most instances, yes. We no longer have printing presses in Vienna and instead have opted to print in-country with local, reliable printers as much as possible. This helps on both customs costs and speed of delivery. We also purchase and/or collaborate with other Bible producers for increased efficiency or availability. Biblica, for example, has been a long-time ministry partner for us.

  • Yes. While our primary volunteer effort is for the camps, we continue to assess the needs of the people in Eastern Europe and are developing programs to address those needs. Oftentimes, when a need surfaces, we partner with another ministry to fulfill that specific need. This helps us to avoid duplication of efforts and makes both ministries much more efficient. Our role is often to provide support and supply—and we are happy to do it.

  • Explore and discover the opportunities to serve the people of Eastern Europe through our friends in other non-profit organizations. Perhaps you have a heart for teaching teachers, helping orphans, working with children in summer camps, or encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ. Or maybe you can’t travel, but you can still want promote the good news in Eastern Europe. Explore the options available on our Volunteer Partners page.

  • This question does come up frequently and we have to first understand the Bible from a world viewpoint and not our western mindset. The reliable Bible translations we have available to us in the western world all have originated from the original texts and so this is also true for the Eastern European translations we provide. For instance, if we translated a Russian Bible from the NIV, American Standard or KJV, many, many words and concepts would be simply incorrect as it would be a translation of a translation. We strive to provide reliable and accurate options in each country that we provide Bibles. For a more detailed explanation of this process, click here. 

  • Our work focuses on the former Communist Bloc countries and the count has changed over the years as geo-political changes have taken place in Eastern Europe. While we have worked in at least 30 countries, we currently work in 20+ countries in a given year and supply Bibles and Bible-based materials in 20 languages. View our map of Eastern Europe →

  • At this time, we have 12 full-time and 1 part-time U.S. employees. This includes our total office staff, development staff and executive team members. In Eastern Europe, we have nine full-time employees and 10 part-time employees in total, including office staff and executive team members.

    The ministry is a small but very efficient group. Our work allows us to partner with many different ministries who are on the front lines distributing our Bibles to the people of Eastern Europe, all free of charge.

  • Our work is focused on Eastern Europe because our roots began there and it was our focus for so many years. After the fall of “The Wall,” many ministries and missionaries flooded into Eastern Europe and our work flourished. However, in the early 2000s many ministries and missionaries pulled out of Eastern Europe. Upon evaluation, EEM decided to stay focused on the original call of the ministry, as there remained a great need for the Bible in Eastern Europe. Today, we are grateful for the vision of those who made the decision to “stay the course” as God continues to use us for great things in this part of the world.

  • We are a ministry. We believe in good business practices, and most of our executive team is made up of previous business executives, so the question of growth comes up often. We are committed to grow as much as God will allow and lead. Our growth will be led by the opportunities that God continues to provide in answer to the needs in Eastern Europe. As to how much we will grow, this is where we have to take off our “business hats” and “step out of the boat” to answer God’s calling. He’s continually putting projects on our plate that we simply can’t solve from a business point of view, but he always responds to our step of faith. And we are humbled and grateful for it.

    1. Requests from private individuals:
      1. 1 copy of each book per person/mailing address.
      2. Books available to individuals include: The Bible, The Children’s Bible, The Teen Bible, The Newcomer’s Guide & Workbook, an evangelistic book (Things That Matter/Between Rock and a Hard Place or similar), a spiritual growth book (One Step Closer to Jesus/Now I Can Fly/12 Steps or similar), and a family resource (Up Right/The Christian Home or similar).
      3. Requests for larger quantities from individuals should be reviewed on case-by-case basis. Generally, larger quantities should be ordered by churches to prevent misuse (re-sale) of our materials.
    1. Requests from Churches of Christ and CofC-affiliated organizations:
      1. Requests from Churches of Christ will always have the highest priority.  We will provide the books in quantities requested (subject to availability) except for “High Replacement-Cost Books (HRCBs)”. The list of HRCBs will be reviewed and updated annually.
      2. The HRCBs can provided to churches of Christ and affiliated organizations under the following conditions:
        1. No more than 500 copies per church/organization per year unless it is associated with a camp program or any other organized program or project consistent with EEM’s strategy in Eastern Europe;
        2. The HRCBs are not be used primarily for “street distribution”.
      3. The receiving organization needs to sign the Distribution Agreement and provide an official confirmation of donation (with the church’s stamp).
    1. Requests from government and public institutions (schools, orphanages, kindergartens, summer camps, retirement homes, prisons, etc.)
      1. We will provide the books in the quantities requested (subject to item availability).
      2. Books available to government and public institutions include: The Bible, The Children’s Bible, The Teen Bible, The Newcomer’s Guide & Workbook, Lessons on Character for Kids.
      3. Requests for additional books will be approved on case-by-case basis.
      4. The receiving organization needs to provide an official confirmation of donation (stamped).
    1. Requests from religious organizations not affiliated with churches of Christ:
      1. EEM strives to make God’s Word available to everyone. However, as our funding currently comes primarily from churches of Christ and our resources are finite, we want to be mindful of maintaining our ability to provide books for the Church of Christ-supported efforts. Thus, several guidelines should be considered in case of orders from entities not affiliated with CofC:
        1. The contact should be made through a European church of Christ or church of Christ affiliated organization and approved by EEM’s European Vice-President of Operations.
        2. The order quantity should not significantly limit EEM’s ability to provide literature for our own programs and/or Church of Christ-sponsored activities.
        3. The activities and the mission of the ordering organization should not contradict EEM’s mission and values.
        4. Fulfillment of the order will not deteriorate EEM’s mission.
      2. Books on the HRCB list are subject to the same limitations as per 2.b.i and 2.b.ii.
      3. The receiving organization agrees to the following conditions:
        1. Distribute the materials (Bibles and other biblical books) provided by EEM within a reasonable time frame (2-3 months);
        2. Share their experience in distributing the books with EEM in form of pictures, videos, stories, or testimonies to show the impact of the materials in their work;
        3. Shall not sell the materials provided by EEM, exchange them for other goods or services, nor use them for fundraising. The books donated by EEM are to be used solely to build up and expand God’s Kingdom;
        4. Prayerfully consider partnering financially with EEM and making a donation to enable us to continue offering Bibles to others in Europe.
      4. The exception from these rules will be made for items that are being discontinued, are defective, or soon-to-be-replaced.
      5. The receiving organization/church needs to sign the Distribution Agreement and provide an official confirmation of donation.
      6. All requests from organizations not affiliated with churches of Christ need to be approved by the Vienna office.
    1. All International orders need to be approved by the Vienna office prior to sending.

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