Million Dollar Sunday


Since 1961, EEM has been providing Bibles to the people Eastern European countries in their languages. What began as a perilous leap of faith through The Iron Curtain by a small but brave group of missionaries, gradually unveiled itself to be part of God’s amazing plan to provide Bibles and Bible-based materials in over 20 languages to 30 nations —free of charge.

Over 4.5 million public school students in Ukraine and 100,000 Muslim refugees have received God’s Word and the numbers are still growing!

The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It.

As followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we at EEM share God’s Word with the people of Eastern Europe and seek to educate and inspire God’s servants everywhere to partner with us in His ministry.


Prayer Focused.
Partner Driven.

EEM’s faithful commitment to its prayer-centered and God-directed mission has sprouted long-term relationships with a multitude of ministry partners, which include local churches, campaign groups, youth camps, public schools and universities, public libraries, hospitals, prisons and orphanages.

While we work, God also works, inspiring generosity and kindness in the hearts of many. Based out of Hurst, Texas EEM is a multi-national, non-profit organization governed by an independent Board of Directors.

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We invite you to learn more about the eternal impact of our ministry. Should you have any questions, please feel free to browse through our FAQ page or contact us.

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