Leaving a Legacy


“When I heard the term, estate planning, it seemed cumbersome. A task very easy to put off. Many questions came to mind. How do you get the ball rolling? What attorney would I use? The services of PhilanthroCorp were offered through the Eastern European Mission website and I felt like this was the answer we were looking for. Our estate specialist helped us tremendously. It was so helpful to work alongside a team of people with like-minded morals and values. It’s a good feeling to have our estate planning documents in place. I would recommend getting yours done. PhilanthroCorp is ready to help.” – Robert A. and Kristina L. Unterberger

Thank you for visiting the Eastern European Mission stewardship and estate planning page. It is our personal prayer and passion that this be a tangible ministry in your life. Below you will find information and tools to help you in this process. Also, please visit our page about the “Hensley Legacy Society” honoring individuals who support EEM through one or more planned gift arrangements.

According to statistics, a staggering 70% of Americans do not have a current will.

The ramifications of this on children, surviving spouses, on taxes and fees is immeasurable. I think there are many reasons for this. Fear of dying, procrastination, confusion about the estate planning process, the cost of creating a will…and more.

To him who has, more will be given.

We would like to provide some “layman friendly” estate planning information that can enable you to protect your family and be a wise steward of what He has entrusted you with.

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, kick off your shoes and browse around. If you just want to get down to business, you can click on the Estate Plan Organizer on any page and walk yourself through a tutorial/data gathering process. At the end, you can print it at home or ask for help. All of the information you log in is confidential. The Estate Plan Organizer does not ask for social security numbers or bank account numbers. No one will see your entries unless you submit at the end and ask for help.

In that case, one of our friends at PhilanthroCorp (a Christ-centered estate planning firm) will be in touch to serve you in any way they can. So, be blessed and make yourself at home!


Pam first learned about the services of PhilanthroCorp through a friend that had used their services and then some additional communications from Eastern European Mission. Pam was grateful for PhilanthroCorp and the will and estate planning process that they offer. Through some experiences with her mother, after her father passed, she saw the process to be expensive and time-consuming. It was something she really wasn’t motivated to do for herself.

The professionals at PhilanthroCorp helped organize and assemble the documents for Pam and then direct her to an attorney that would draft documents for a reasonable rate. This really helped put her concerns about the cost to rest. Pam felt like she received first class help and was so thankful for the guidance, the Biblical perspectives approach that PhilanthroCorp takes, and the suggestion to write a letter to the family about the plans she put into place. Overall, Pam was very pleased with the will and estate planning process that PhilanthroCorp provided and felt that this was a tremendous value.