Gifts of Securities

Transferring your investment of stocks and bonds into an investment in Bibles for children, orphans and adults in Eastern Europe is a two part process:
  1. Have your stockbroker make transfer arrangements with EEM’s Registered Investment Advisor using the following information:
      • Advisor: McGowan Group Asset Management
        Contact: Preston Lane –
      • McGowan Group Asset Management Clearing through Pershing, LLC DTC #0443 – Account #T5A015468
  1. Contact EEM directly or have your broker contact EEM on the date of the transfer, advising us of the name of the stock, the number of shares transferred, the donor’s name and instructions about where the gift is to be directed. Email details to Stefanie Brooks ( or call EEM at 817-849-2355. The gift is considered complete when the shares are received into an EEM brokerage account, and the value will be based on the average high/low price for the day the shares are received.

Tax Benefits

Giving stocks and bonds that have increased in value may provide you with greater tax benefits than giving cash. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the securities (subject to AGI limitations), and you avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the fair market value over the original cost of the asset. Consult your tax adviser for complete information about the tax benefits available.