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The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It.

We Want Everyone To Get It.

Bibles on the streetTHE BIBLE. Delivered by the truckload, package or by hand. Free to all. To men, women and children throughout Eastern Europe. In more than 20 languages to nations of the former Communist Bloc. Sharing God’s Word, educating and inspiring people everywhere. Eastern European Mission, a veteran in the field since 1961.


Newsletter — Volume 53, No. 1

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EEM Newsletter Vol 53 No 1


Thank You For You Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer for Ukraine, Russia, the European nations and the U.S. The message of Christ continues to set us free and people are seeking Him amidst the geopolitical crisis that is currently going on in Ukraine.

We have heard that prayers are being answered and many are seeking Christ. A local minister in Ukraine sent us this photo of a baptism Albert Baptism largertaking place, while tanks and armed soldiers occupied the streets and buildings surrounding their church and small arms fire and explosions could be heard just a few hundred yards away. Their faith is being played out on a very real battlefield and we are humbled by their resolve.

Please continue to pray for these nations and that God’s light will continue to shine in the dark places.

P.S. To view a 1 minute video promo on our effort to place Bibles in pubic schools of Ukraine, click this link.  It’s Back Video.


31 Days of Prayer – 31

What of the United States of America? Today is the National Day of Prayer for our nation.

Pray for a spiritual renewal among all followers of Jesus. Pray that we may become truly a people of God’s Word and God’s love. Pray that God’s people will rise up to serve and bless our nation.

31 Days of Prayer – 30

“You gave the way, truth and life in your eternal living Word, so that all people prayed to the one who was crucified and shed His blood. Merciful God, we pray for the people; merciful God, we pray for Ukraine.”
Prayer for Ukraine